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Fossil Fuel Subsidies Outpace Renewables
New York The research and consulting firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) reports that subsidies for fossil energies are far outweighing those for renewables. While many governments are putting support behind clean energy, the figures show that renewables are still far behind, reports BNEF.
The article is a summery of BNEF's analysis

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The Biodiesel Coalition of Texas, Inc. (BCOT) is a non-profit corporation created by biodiesel pioneers and industry leaders to ensure that biodiesel receives favorable treatment by state regulatory agencies and the Texas Legislature. Since its inception, BCOT has developed strategies to persuade the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that their regulations should view biodiesel as part of the solution to Texas air quality challenges, not part of the problem. For example, the TCEQ-initiated low emission diesel (TxLED) program had the potential to devastate the emerging biodiesel industry in Texas (the largest in the country) unless the TCEQ recognized the net environmental benefits of this clean-burning, renewable fuel. However, BCOT and industry supporters pulled out a win, with the TCEQ ruling that up to B5 unadditized was a legal fuel in Texas, and blends of B6-B20 were legal with the approved additives (additives also needed in diesel fuel in Texas). With that ruling out of the gate, , BCOT?s long-term mission is to work with the public and private sector to foster the production, distribution and use of biodiesel in Texas.

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